2010 Submissions

Clocks: The Revengence Clocks: The Revengence Rated Stars The clocks prepare for the ultimate takeover. Drama Ackbar : Espionage Ackbar : Espionage Rated Stars Ackbar in the race against time to stop Sir Dunkle from eating his breakfast din din. Ackbar : Heist Ackbar : Heist Rated Stars The one job to settle the score ! -JonBro's Birthday Bash- -JonBro's Birthday Bash- Rated Stars Our beloved JonBro becomes 1 year closer to DEATH Sprite A Day: 36 Sprite A Day: 36 Rated Stars Sprite's do something else now. Sprite-A Day: 35 Sprite-A Day: 35 Rated Stars Sprite's rule the earth ! Sprite A Day: 34 Sprite A Day: 34 Rated Stars Spriter's Digest Sprite A Day: 33 Sprite A Day: 33 Rated Stars Sprite-a-day is back ! Ackbar : LIVE Ackbar : LIVE Rated Stars Ackbar is filmed live in front of a studio audience Ackbar : Theme Ackbar : Theme Rated Stars Ackbar searches for a theme song to his long running series. Fawx and EJR are smexy Fawx and EJR are smexy Rated Stars Ten Minutes To Make A Flash, With Suprize Ending Drama The Lazer Collab 3 The Lazer Collab 3 Rated Stars The final installment in the lazer collab triliogy. Comedy - Parody Ackbar : Battle Ackbar : Battle Rated Stars Ackbar and Controlroomguy get in the fight of their life. Ackbar : Criminal Ackbar : Criminal Rated Stars Ackbar is a gangster and has shootouts all the time. Emanhattan's B-Day Fiesta Emanhattan's B-Day Fiesta Rated Stars Today everyones favorite mexican member becomes a MAN Other Ranger Doosh Ep. 1 Ranger Doosh Ep. 1 Rated Stars Ranger's brother gets on American Idol and Chello has an idea. Comedy - Original Newgrounds Vs. Youtube Newgrounds Vs. Youtube Rated Stars Newgrounds Makes A Fierce Rival, Will it survive? Drama Fat Dick Balls Fat Dick Balls Rated Stars hot damn! its another generic mario parody!!!! Comedy - Parody The Many Marios Collab 2 The Many Marios Collab 2 Rated Stars Sequel to the first Succesful Mario Collab Comedy - Parody

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