Animator Wanted, Willing To Pay, Easy Job

2012-12-12 13:50:24 by PaperBat

Sup, how you doing? I'll keep this simple.

Alright so I have a YouTube channel with around 350'000 subscribers, and every year I get a brand new intro for my videos. It's pretty much just been a comp of some gameplay clips thus far, but this year I want something different. All I'd need is around 15 seconds of animation, and it wouldn't be too complicated. I know exactly what I want done, so there wouldn't be any confusion either.

My YouTube channel is PaperBatVG, if you're interested, you can add me on Skype, it's "Paperbat15". Like I said, I'm willing to pay if needed, and you'd have quite a bit of time to get this done.

Thanks boys, glad to see Newgrounds is still running strong.



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2012-12-12 14:07:16

Would It be in the same path like Slyfoxs intros?


2012-12-12 14:13:13

I'm down to this. Gonna add you on Skype. I can make you a 15 sec intro if I'm not too busy.


2012-12-12 14:31:55

On second thought, I dont think Im well experienced with animating humans. You should let Clatform take It, hes good.


2012-12-12 14:46:07

heh dion makes his return to beg for animators


2012-12-12 15:53:03

itchaboy pbat straight outta compton ballin like a playa soowoob aight black gangsta


2012-12-12 16:37:44

Pbat! On Newgrounds? screw this, it's time to get to work!


2012-12-12 16:52:38

Heheee... PBat, are you going to have any music involved with this as it would be a lot easier to make an intro if we knew how things went, Y know. Then we could fit some sort of theme, and give us something to time the animation with...


2012-12-12 22:24:21

I will contact you on skype i have a very good idea,
hope to see you there,