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Animator For Hire

2013-03-01 03:25:46 by PaperBat

Sup NG, hows everyone doing?

I'll cut to the chase, so I started a YouTube channel about 2-3 years ago, and it's been a real fun ride. I'm nearing 400'000 Subscribers, and have launched a new uploading schedule, etc. I've been wanting to bring new flair to the channel, so I'm looking for an animator to make a few assets for certain things. Intros for certain series', overlay assets, pretty simple straight forwards stuff. Obviously the work is paid, and prices will be negotiated per piece, since length and effort would vary.

You can contact me on my Skype, which is "PaperBat15". Go ahead an add me if you're interested, and we can discuss some stuff!

Thanks People,


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2013-03-01 07:19:29

You might want to re-think your post title, now it sounds like YOU are available for hire...!


2013-03-01 13:22:27

sweet you're a director on youtube? what kind of animations or short films have you made?


2015-04-26 10:30:06