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Tank Search Walkthrough

2008-11-20 01:38:47 by PaperBat

Some people are having trouble beating my new game,Tank Search , so here is a walkthrough of where all the tanks are.

LEVEL 1 - Middle of the Road
LEVEL 2 - Tree's in the Background
LEVEL 3 - Above the Oven
LEVEL 4 - On the blue part of the Ceiling
LEVEL 5 - On the cloud at the Very Left
LEVEL 6 - Pepperoni near the Bottom
LEVEL 7 - Ocean at the Top Left
LEVEL 8 - On his shirt
LEVEL 9 - On the front of the volacno
LEVEL 10 - On the floor beside the leftmost Dancer
LEVEL 11 - Red Balcony at bottom left
LEVEL 12 - In the ocean under the moon
LEVEL 13 - Above Donkey Kong
LEVEL 14 - In Gulf of Mexico at Bottom
LEVEL 15 - Bottom floor of mall
LEVEL 16 - Clouds
LEVEL 17 - On Carpet
LEVEL 18 - Under middle rider's arm
LEVEL 19 - On the road at top right
LEVEL 20 - With the Symbols Top Right
LEVEL 21 - On the very left of the Middle Mountain coming out of the Trees
LEVEL 22 - A bit left from the middle of the picture
LEVEL 23 - Shadows at the Right
LEVEL 24 - Under chair at bottom left
LEVEL 25 - Bottom of her dress
LEVEL 26 - Top of middle tree
LEVEL 27 - In ocean above twin towers
LEVEL 28 - On his left shoe
LEVEL 29 - Dark spot of water at very left
LEVEL 30 - On Cabinet top left
LEVEL 31 - On leaf top right
LEVEL 32 - Top Right
LEVEL 33 - Under Banjo's Arm
LEVEL 34 - On space station
LEVEL 35 - To the right of Batman's right wing
LEVEL 36 - Very bottom mud patch
LEVEL 37 - To the right of the mass
LEVEL 38 - Bottom right of the tree
LEVEL 39 - Top left section of crowd
LEVEL 40 - Back of left fighters head
LEVEL 41 - On green wall, above chair at the bottom right
LEVEL 42 - Second slot machine on the left
LEVEL 43 - Top Right on cement
LEVEL 44 - Back seat window on left
LEVEL 45 - Right under "R.C."
LEVEL 46 - On the middle Strawberry
LEVEL 47 - Above "Save Game"
LEVEL 48 - On waterfall
LEVEL 49 - Under green flag
LEVEL 50 - On Center Red Sign
LEVEL 51 - Under Blue Roof
LEVEL 52 - On right of tree
LEVEL 53 - Under red sign at the top under the MUTE button
LEVEL 54 - On passenger seat
LEVEL 55 - On top left Wing
LEVEL 56 - On Penguins Stomach at Bottom Center
LEVEL 57 - On crowd near top right
LEVEL 58 - Above "Save Game"
LEVEL 59 - On right tree near the center
LEVEL 60 - Top center
LEVEL 61 - On blue wall at bottom left
LEVEL 62 - A Bit Above "Save Game"
LEVEL 63 - On sideways arcade at center left
LEVEL 64 - On Top Black Banner
LEVEL 65 - On grass patch at top left
LEVEL 66 - Beside light at top right
LEVEL 67 - Beside statue at bottom right
LEVEL 68 - On top of the two archs at the left
LEVEL 69 - Crowd at the Top Right
LEVEL 70 - Inside the plant at bottom left
LEVEL 71 - _ffas2.JPG
LEVEL 72 - Bushes at Top Left
LEVEL 73 - On the pillow a bit under the word "Epic"
LEVEL 74 - On the 2 birds under the MUTE button
LEVEL 75 - On Ice at Center Right
LEVEL 76 - On Red dress at bottom right above the SAVE GAME button
LEVEL 77 - On Noodle at Center Left
LEVEL 78 - On the Light at the Top Left
LEVEL 79 - On the Yellow Garbage Bag at the Bottom Left
LEVEL 81 - On Blue gumball at Top Right
LEVEL 82 - On Orange Shirt at Bottom Left
LEVEL 83 - Bottom Right Inventory Icon
LEVEL 84 - On Bill's Shirt
LEVEL 85 - In ocean A bit top left from "SAVE GAME"
LEVEL 86 - On Leafs Under "86"
LEVEL 87 - On Crowd under "7"
LEVEL 88 - Top of the Bar to the right of the Tap
LEVEL 89 - Top of the water at Top Right
LEVEL 90 - Coin space beside "SAVE GAME"
LEVEL 91 - In grass at Top Right
LEVEL 92 - In Shadows at Center Right
LEVEL 93 - On leaves above "SAVE GAME" in the center
LEVEL 94 - Bottom of the Great Wall
LEVEL 95 - On Waterfall on the right
LEVEL 96 - On the left of the mountain under "96"
LEVEL 97 - On the Statues Book
LEVEL 98 - On the Right Garbage can at the Right
LEVEL 99 - In his Mouth
LEVEL 100 - To the left of the Countdown Timer

Congratulations! You've Beaten Tank Search! Keep an eye out for "TANK SEARCH 2"!

This Games Winner Is...

2008-11-09 02:52:28 by PaperBat

Am I Too Late?!

This Games Winner Is...

April Fulp Got Knocked Up

2008-10-23 22:58:41 by PaperBat

But Not By Tom...

April Fulp Got Knocked Up

Don't Vote

2008-10-09 16:36:44 by PaperBat

Dont be a fucking dumbass

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2008-09-29 06:24:17 by PaperBat

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Upcoming Game ;3

2008-09-25 16:19:43 by PaperBat

Hey Guys :3

You might have already read MaddFlash's Post About my upcoming game "Boss Rush". So let me fill you in a bit on it.

Your Main goal is to defeat all the corrupt bosses, and collect their "Soul Shards" (See Below Pic), While trying to Survive the Bombardment of attacks they throw at you. The Game's Levels Will Slightly Vary, in the way you play it, the way you finish the level, and Sometimes even the overall GAMEPLAY changes for some bosses.

You can also play 2 player, and kick serious ass with A Friend, Family Member, Or Loved One :3

Me and MaddFlash are also working on Online Play, Which would be a great Addition to the game, but we can say we are certain about it, because We are about Confused On How it would all work Out. (If you are experianced with this kinda thing, PLEASE leave a comment or drop a PM to help out)

So theres your Update, Next update on the game will include Storyline, and a Gameplay Video.

TTYL Folks ;3

P.S. This will blow your Mind

Upcoming Game ;3

About Damn Time

2008-09-11 00:17:24 by PaperBat

Well now I Can frontpage post thanks to a successul Demo Reel made by me and Khawner.


But on a few other notes. The Large Hadron Collider Failed at Killing us all, so stop your whining.

JonBro is still a Theif.

I Now Love Emanhatten.

And finnally, if your gunna get a tablet for your drawing skills, Buy a good one, and not a shitty one that craps out every 20 seconds.

End Post

About Damn Time

Super Demo Reel

2008-09-10 03:11:03 by PaperBat

Well, me and Khawner have done it. A Demo Reel. Yea. With Sprites. Creative huh? xD

We worked hard :)

Super Demo Reel